Pearle Northrop

Artist Statement
It wasn’t until I was in my twenties that I started taking what I do seriously and it took even longer to consider myself an artist. I love to paint whatever I can get my hands on from things as small as a Scrabble® piece to as big as a dresser and hopefully even bigger someday. Whatever it is I will paint it. I love transforming trash into treasure literally. Imagine that a chair that came from a dumpster (2006) made it into a museum (2009). It blows me away to think that something I did creates a sense of awe in a viewer’s eye.
I was talking to a friend a few years back about my love for furniture, my relationship with chairs in particular. There was a chair that I found discarded and ultimately forgotten. I came upon this chair accidentally. I wasn't looking for a relationship. Anyway, the chair was a very handsome chair with so many things to look at. His back was decorative; his arms were long and lean. His legs...I have never seen such beautiful legs. But he was beaten down. His self-esteem had long been worn out. His seat, which was repeatedly upholstered over years, was torn and faded. His stuffing was busting out revealing his age and loss of pride. Me, being a care taker and rescuer of sorts....picked up the chair and brought it home. He sat at the top of the stairs for a few weeks in a corner. My friends however saw this chair and commented on how ugly he was. They wondered why I had him in my home commenting on how dirty he was and how unattractive he was due to the years of neglect. I ignored them and kept him around. Finally one day I decided to put him on my coffee table and take the layers of cloth and wool stuffing off of his seat. Then I cleaned him, primed him and painted him black. Three months later I sat back and looked at him and this is what I saw.....A chair, a man restored...but not only restored but given a whole new purpose. He was beautiful again. He was unique and wonderful....The same chair that my friends were grossed out now a chair that they ask permission to touch. Amazing.....One thing is for certain...NOTHING STAYS THE SAME! Change is inevitable and what is ugly or dirty or discarded as trash can be saved, can be rescued and can be made shinier than new!
Taking discarded forgotten pieces and giving them their self-esteem back is a passion for me. Living in a world where we discard things so easily I’d like to think I am making an itty bitty difference.
Pearle Northrop

Monday, April 4, 2011

Motherhood~ Just a rough patch♥ We will make it through!

I woke this morning to my little girl in bed with me. All curled up and sleeping silently beside me. We are going through some pretty BIG changes these days and life is not always calm and peaceful. She has been a bit mouthy and struggling to understand respect and consideration. I have been exhausted repeating the lessons of life to her...The mood here has been uncomfortable to say the least. But this morning, I snuggled up with my baby girl and just took a moment to think of all the reasons I sacrifice so much for her....
This single parenting gig is made especially difficult because we lack extended family. It really is just me and the kid. I sometimes feel very sad that she doesn't have somewhere to escape grandparents or aunts and uncles. What a bummer...But I can't get lost in that imaginary place that doesn't exist for us. The reality is we have each other and that is what our family consists of mainly.
My baby is 10, in 5th grade which is at the middle school...CRAZY! Middle school is so different than elementary school and it just kills me how separate I feel from her. We fight constantly...I need her not to roll her eyes, to llok at me when I speak to her and try to do as I ask(or demand).
I guess...I will just be exhausted until I feel it has registered w/ her the importance of all the things I try to instill in her.
Making sure that this little person grows up to be a good solid decent adult is what I strive for. I refuse to allow her to grow up to be a self serving self righteous rude egotistical BLAH BLAH BLAH! I swear it! I will not give up on this battle with her....
So far I have noticed some difference...she is actually practicing her clarinet every day! YEA! How can somebody be failing band? Well, she seems to have acknowledged that is something she can change and is doing extra lessons and practicing.... It's really a win-win♥
She also picked up on her math...I have her taking Math tutoring and it is really paying off!
Also...she wanted to quit dance and it was a HUGE crying temper tantrum mess....Well....she has changed her mind w/ that as well....She now LOVES ballet.
So what if I am going bald and I feel like I have aged 20years in only the past few months....I will not fail this kid! I will make myself sick fighting for her even if fighting for her means I have to fight w/ her. UGH!
Life is not always easy...but when we trudge through the ickiness....we reach the green grass of grooviness.

I love my child...


  1. I think it's good that you know what your plan is. Even if things are tough, at least you know how you DON'T want her to behave, and you can teach her differently. Hang in there! <3

  2. Ohmygosh, me & mom have had some... hard times... I think she really wanted to hurt me sometimes ;)
    Like Taylor said- hang in there!! :)
    Jordan @ Rainbow Veins

  3. We're good...but it gets difficult at times. She is moody but I am confident that this will all be fine....Just typical adolescent issues. (((HUGS)))
    I just need to vent it...

  4. Don't worry, I'm sure it WILL be fine. :) (((Hugs))) back at ya!